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Welcome to the Ohio Department of Taxation's CAT Registration inquiry web form.

To search for a specific CAT Taxpayer, please type the Name of the Business, or any portion of the name, select the type of search (Legal Name or Trade Name), then press the Search button.

When searching for a sole proprietor, you may need to enter the last name first or the first name first, depending on how the taxpayer registered with us.

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This information is being provided pursuant to R.C. 5751.12. The Tax Commissioner is required to provide an electronic list of all active taxpayers and all cancelled registrations for four years from the cancellation date. By providing this information, neither the State of Ohio nor the Ohio Department of Taxation assumes any liability for errors or omissions, or in any other respect. If you feel there is an error or have questions regarding the information on this list, you may call us at 1-888-7CATTAX (1-888-722-8829) or send an e-mail through our website at tax.ohio.gov by selecting the Contact tab and then selecting Email Us.