Income Tax Guest Payment Service
Welcome to the Ohio Department of Taxation Income Tax Guest Payment Service

Income Tax Guest Payment Service allows taxpayers to schedule and remit payments for Individual and School District Income Tax via electronic check or credit/debit card without creating an Online Services account.

For payment to or from a new or different bank account, please note: Pursuant to National Automated Clearing House Association requirements, if this is the first time that a bank account is being used in association with a tax payment using ACH debit, the Department has partnered with a third party to verify your bank account. By using this service and providing your bank account details through the online form, you agree that the Department of Taxation will share your bank account details with the third party for verification and validation purposes only. This verification is necessary to administer the EFT transaction as requested by you and prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions.

If you are a first time Ohio filer, you are not eligible to make a payment through our Guest Payment Service. Please utilize our credit card service provider or you may pay by paper check or money order with the correct payment voucher(s), available on our forms page.

Information needed when paying via Guest Payments:

  • Primary taxpayer and spouse (if married filing joint) SSN;
  • The tax type you are remitting payment for;
  • The tax year of your payment;
  • The billing notice ID (if applicable);
  • The assessment number (if applicable);
  • The school district number (if applicable);
  • Bank routing and account number or;
  • Credit/debit card information.

Payment Post Date

Your payment will be effective the date you authorize it.

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